Otoplasty, one of the Plastic Surgery specialties we offer at ARFACIAL in Malaga, is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of the ears, correcting their position and shape. If you feel uncomfortable or self- conscious, otoplasty may be the ideal solution for you.

What does otoplasty consist of?

Otoplasty is a highly effective procedure that seeks to correct different irregularities in the shape of the ears. It can be to correct a congenital defect, being the most frequent the prominent ears or after an injury.

In a personalized consultation with our specialists, we will evaluate your needs and expectations to design a customized treatment plan. 

Improve the appearance of your ears

Negative psychosocial impact is often the motivating factor in seeking surgical correction. It is a frequent intervention in children and adolescents, due to the psychosocial stress that many experience because of school bullying or teasing for their appearance, which causes increased anxiety, behavioral problems and lack of social integration. This intervention can be performed from the age of 6, when the ear is practically developed and social relationships become more important.

What is the otoplasty procedure like?

The technique we use in ARFACIAL is the Mustardé technique, which is performed under general anesthesia or sedation for patient comfort. With this technique the tissue is folded anatomically without leaving any edge or irregularity of the cartilage. An adequate retro auricular sulcus is preserved and bilateral symmetry is achieved, thus providing natural results. The benefits of otoplasty are immediate and long lasting. The incision is made behind the ear in a natural crease, leaving the scar practically imperceptible. 

Recovery and postoperative period

In the postoperative period, the patient leaves with a bandage with which he/she must remain for 4 days. Subsequently, the patient must wear an elastic band day and night for 20 days and then only at night for 2 months.

The stitches are removed after 14 days and the patient can begin to lead a practically normal life.

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At ARFACIAL, we pride ourselves in offering personalized treatments and direct contact with our specialists in Facial Plastic Surgery. Our team will accompany you at all times, offering you the confidence and peace of mind you need during your transformation process. In addition, our continuous professional follow-up will ensure that you get exceptional results and a satisfying experience.

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