Lobuloplasty is a highly effective solution to address deformities and cosmetic problems in the earlobes. If you have experienced torn earlobes or are uncomfortable with the appearance of your ears due to aging or wearing heavy earrings, consider lobuloplasty as an option to restore the natural beauty and shape of your earlobes. 

With noticeable results in just a few weeks and a generally easy recovery, this procedure can restore confidence in the appearance of your ears and allow you to wear your favourite earrings with pride. 

What is lobuloplasty?

Lobuloplasty is a cosmetic procedure designed to address deformities and changes in the earlobes caused by age and heavy earring wear. Lobuloplasty can repair torn earlobes, improve their shape and size, and restore confidence in the appearance of the ears. La lobuloplastia puede reparar lóbulos rasgados, mejorar su forma y tamaño, y restaurar la confianza en la apariencia de las orejas.

Earlobes and related deformities

The earlobe is a sensitive and exposed structure that is composed mostly of skin and subcutaneous fat. Over the years and with frequent use of heavy earrings, the earlobes can become deformed. This can include torn or elongated lobes, which affects the aesthetics of the ears and can cause aesthetic discomfort.

The Lobuloplasty Procedure

Lobuloplasty is an effective solution to address earlobe deformities. This procedure seeks to repair the damaged lobes, either by stitching the torn lobe or by reducing its size to achieve a more aesthetic and natural appearance. Lobuloplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia, which minimises discomfort during and after the procedure. 

The lobuloplasty procedure involves a small incision in the earlobe, through which the necessary repair is made. Depending on the situation, the surgeon may suture the torn lobe or reduce the excess tissue to improve its shape and size.

Benefits and Recovery

The results of lobuloplasty become more evident in approximately 6 weeks, at which time patients can resume wearing earrings and show off their ears with renewed confidence.  

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