Lip lift

Lip lift is a highly effective surgical option for achieving younger, more attractive lips. Whether you are dealing with the effects of aging on your lips or have genetic concerns, this procedure can offer a remarkable transformation. By removing excess skin and restoring facial harmony, a lip lift can improve not only the appearance of your lips, but also your overall confidence and smile.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the lips by resolving both aging-related problems and genetic issues that affect the aesthetics of the lips. This procedure can achieve younger, fuller and more harmonious lips, enhancing the smile and highlighting the teeth.

Anatomy of the lips and changes with age:

The upper lip is composed of two distinct areas: the "white lip," which extends from the nasal base to the vermilion, and the "red lip" or vermilion, which is the visible area of the oral mucosa. Over time, the white lip tends to lengthen, recede, atrophy and wrinkle. Meanwhile, the red lip thins, eventually hiding the incisors when the mouth is slightly open. Some people also have genetically long and unsightly upper lips, regardless of their age.

The surgical process in ARFACIAL

The lip lift consists of a small subnasal incision, through which excess skin is removed. The result is a remarkable transformation in the appearance of the lips, achieving a more youthful and voluminous appearance. In addition, this procedure seeks to reestablish harmonic proportions that enhance the smile by highlighting the teeth. The lip lift is a relatively short procedure that involves minimal discomfort for the patient. The subnasal incision allows access to the excess skin and its precise removal. The incision is closed with sutures that are removed within 8 to 10 days. The strategic placement of the incision ensures that the scar is hidden in the natural skin fold, making it virtually unnoticeable. 

Recovery and postoperative period

Recovery after a lip lift usually lasts about two weeks. During this time, the lips will gradually deflate and return to their normal size. Patients will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of their lips, with a rejuvenated, fuller and more harmonious appearance. Restoration of proper proportions and exposure of the teeth will improve the overall smile.

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